About us

A family-run business that has been serving Woodstock and surrounding areas since 1982. Working closely with clients to learn their desires and helping to bring their vision to fruition.


Riverbend's history

Serving the Woodstock and surrounding areas since 1982!

At River Bend we believe that humans can work as a part of, instead of apart from, their environment. We aim to help clients get the most out of their space, while simultaneously fostering an ecosystem that gives back to the plants, animals, fungi, and all other life it supports. This means we base our designs around the concept of “stacking functions”. Gardens can be so much more than beautiful: they can produce food, attract pollinators, provide shade, retain and filter water, support wildlife, sequester carbon, the list goes on and on… We strive to support other local businesses when sourcing materials, use native plant species, and organic fertilizers and supplements.

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